EU-CAB project as example of Best Practice

In a recent study commissioned by the German National Agency (DAAD)on Erasmus+ cooperation projects ("Building blocks for successful internationalisation 2014-2020"), our EU-CAB project was selected as one of nine best practice examples. The successful internal and external communication as well as the involvement of various actors (and the corresponding competences) within and outside the universities to "publicise" the project and its results were particularly highlighted. We are very happy about this recognition. The report of the study (in German) can be found on evaluationsbroschüre_2022_deutsch.pdf (

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Spreading the news!

In preparation of our first International Study Programme, held in Cergy-Pontoise, France, there is a lot of work going on in the background: Defining the students who will participate, specifying accomodation and travel issues, putting the final touches on the documents that will serve to carry out the surveys and observations. Other activities are more visible: Some partners have put detailed information about the project on their websites, like these ...

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