Final presentation at the Multiplier Event

The Multiplier Event was held on Dec, 10, 2022. Originally planned as a big closing event in Baden-Baden, we unfortunately had to switch this event to an online format as well. Some of the teachers as well as the students took over individual topics which they presented. Angela Diehl-Becker briefly outlined the methodologies, and she addressed the challenges of the project in terms of implementation and data collection, and also its limitations; other colleagues spoke about statistical analyses, or linked the results to existing cultural models. Students from Finland shared their views on the project and their experiences. What we can say is: Yes, there is a European identity, it is mildly friendly, mildly emotional, not particularly goal-oriented, rather passive, and above all: We share the ideal of being even more friends with each other, but we don’t take much responsibility. If you are keen on learning about the details of the work and outcomings, please have a look at the presentation slides.



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