Jun 2021: EU-CAB at Congress for European Studies

A Polish-Portuguese colleague tandem at the 3rd Congress for European Studies in Wroclaw, Poland, taking place on 29 and 30 June: Edyta Pietrzak from Lodz University of Technology, and Cristina Tereza Rebelo from Instituto Universitário da Maia in Porto presented our project under the title “Unity and diversity of European identities”. The congress is the largest European Studies event in 2021 in Poland, organized by the Polish Association of European Studies and the Chair of European Studies of the University of Wroclaw. Under the motto “multi-speed Europe”, the conference highlighted the current transformations Europe is undergoing – both internally and in the context of a globalised world. Their presentation of the project’s ideas and preliminary results was very well received by the interested audience. Thank you, Edyta and Cristina!

The conference programme can be found under https://kongres2020.uni.wroc.pl/en/

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