Interview with Prof. Angela Diehl-Becker on SWR2 (German radio station)

In an interview with the radio station SWR2, Prof. Dr. Angela Diehl-Becker gave an interview on our project. The interviewer focussed on the co-funding EU programme Erasmus+ and the results of the students' research - Can we confirm that the Erasmus+ exchange programme is successful, looking at the project results? Find the interview on the DHBW Karlsruhe website: DHBW Karlsruhe: Wie ticken die Europäer*innen?

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Invitation to fellow reseachers

The EU-CAB project has gathered a large amount of data based on the two tools of sociological research, SYMLOG and self-concept. Access to the database can be granted on request. Researchers who are familiar with the methods and who are interested to get insight into the raw data, are welcome to contact the project coordinator, Prof. Dr. Angela Diehl-Becker.

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Notes from a project management perspective

May 2022, and our project is, at least officially, finished since 5 months. But still, there is some work to be done, reflexions to be made, e-mails going back and forth among us teachers. Our Polish colleagues are planning to edit a book that explores the project again from different angles. But apart from scientific approaches, how was the 3-years project team experienced by the project management? How did students and teachers work together, what where the ISP impressions, how did Corona affect the ongoing of the inital project design? You may find answers in this report. EU-CAB_Notes_PM

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Final presentation at the Multiplier Event

The Multiplier Event was held on Dec, 10, 2022. Originally planned as a big closing event in Baden-Baden, we unfortunately had to switch this event to an online format as well. Some of the teachers as well as the students took over individual topics which they presented. Angela Diehl-Becker briefly outlined the methodologies, and she addressed the challenges of the project in terms of implementation and data collection, and also its limitations; other colleagues spoke about statistical analyses, or linked the results to existing cultural models. Students from Finland shared their views on the project and their experiences. What we can say is: Yes, there is a European identity, it is mildly friendly, mildly emotional, not particularly goal-oriented, rather passive, and above all: We share the ideal of being even more friends with each other, but we don't take much responsibility. If you are keen on learning about the details of the work and outcomings, please have a look at the presentation slides.   Presentation_ME_10_12_21_2

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Our bibliography

Please have a look at our fantastic comprehensive bibliography that takes into account various questions related to the project’s issues, like Europe, European politics, philosophy, identity. You can find it on It comprises books, films, videos, articles, and lectures.

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Participation in Conference in Lodz, Poland, Nov 2019

From 29-30 November 2019, the project coordinator Prof. Dr. Angela Diehl-Becker participated in the conference "InterScience - International Conference on Management and Social Sciences (ICMSS), Modern Management – Directions, Challenges and Changes", held in Łódź (Poland). Prof. Diehl-Becker gave a presentation on the issues of the project, focusing on the political background, students’ work packages, the methods applied, intermediate results and the funding by Erasmus+ and EU.

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Dec 2021: Survey on Finnish participants

Detailed qualitative interviews have been conducted in December 2021 with 4 selected Finnish participants focusing on their expectations and experiences. The results resume some thoughts for eventual future projects of this type and prove a high benefit of having participated.   CI_presentation_Hellstrom_Veronica_101221_040222Download

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