Five days in one of Europe’s most beautiful cities.
Stunning architecture that tells history and greatness, and all around a palpable joy of living.
Budapest, you won us over.

Impressions …

“I loved to work in my international group! … Working together on the common topic
of the European Union is impressive! Helping to understand if yes or no we all feel the same
about the EU is something really powerful and I was really glad to be part of this amazing project.”

Jean, from France

“I have developed ways to communicate and cooperate and to overcome language and cultural barriers …
I have got a deeper understanding of mechanisms of teamwork across borders,
and the challenges and chances connected with EU-intercultural teams.”

Agnieszka, from Poland

“This is a unique experience for students and teachers, and we are definitely learning a lot
about our continent, Europe, our own country, about other countries, and needless to say,
about ourselves. Thank you very much.”

Viviana, from Portugal

And did you know …?

Picture credits: Felipe Monteiro, Ulrike Schneider, Cristina Rebelo