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Welcome to the website of the project “Comparative Analyses of European Identities in Business and Every-Day Behaviour” (EU-CAB), co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

To which extent are Europeans really “European”? How do people from France, Poland, Hungary, Finland, Portugal and Germany see and evaluate themselves and others? Is it possible to infer that different nationalities are growing together to a united Europe?

The project EU-CAB under the coordination of the Duale Hochschule (Cooperative State Unversity) Karlsruhe, Germany, seeks to find answers to these questions. Therefore, students coming from all six countries learn and research together – building a peaceful Europe along the way.

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Happy faces during our second International Study Programme (ISP) from 24 to 28 June 2019 – this time we met in Budapest, Hungary’s beautiful capital city. The Budapest Business School, BBS was our host. Budapesti Gazdasàgi Egyetem (BGE) is a public university business school specialised in business studies and social sciences. Again, over 40 students and their teachers from six countries participated and continued their work and research on European identities and behaviour. On the programme: lectures about contemporary Hungary, stereotype and prejudice in general, practical exercises in order to reflect on behaviour and train self-awareness, and of course several sessions of SYMLOG observation practice. These observations were done in small mixed groups, focussing on both every-day and business behaviour. Time for analyses and report concluded the intensive 5-days-programme. And Budapest could really win us over with its rich history, its representative buildings and its friendly people. Thanks a lot to our generous hosts!

So here we are! 41 students and 11 teachers from all six countries, learning and working together during the 5-days-ISP at the University of Cergy-Pontoise.  Wednesday 15th was a day of mere SYMLOG observation practice, a welcome change to the theoretical work of the first two days. In small groups, we observed the behaviour of persons in every-day (like mother-child) and business (like shop assistant-client) situations and took systematical (anonymous) notes. It is not quite easy in the beginning to keep the focus on smallest interactions, but this SYMLOG method can be quickly learned. On the picture: the group on the stairs under the “Grande Arche” in Paris La Défense.

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We had a very good Kick-off meeting in Karlsruhe on 21 to 25 January 2019, joining our 1st Transnational Project Meeting with a so-called Joint Staff Training Event. The issues of the three-days-meeting were twofold: a) to discuss and determine the further steps of organisation, as well as dissemination and budget issues, and b) to learn and apply the methods of SYMLOG and Self-Concept Grid in order to be able to teach them to the students during the Study Programmes. We had intensive and long working days, but also lots of fun and team spirit. Thanks to our guests for their great commitment; all of us are looking forward to meeting again during the first ISP, held in Cergy in May 2019.

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