To which extent are Europeans really “European”? How do people from France, Poland, Hungary, Finland, Portugal and Germany see and evaluate themselves and others? Is it possible to infer that different nationalities are growing together to a united Europe?

The project EU-CAB under the coordination of the Duale Hochschule (Cooperative State Unversity) Karlsruhe, Germany, seeks to find answers to these questions. Therefore, students coming from all six countries learn and research together – building a peaceful Europe along the way.

Happy faces during our second International Study Programme (ISP) from 24 to 28 June – this time we met in Budapest, Hungary’s beautiful capital city. The Budapest Business School was our host. Again, over 40 students and their teachers from six countries participated and continued their work and research on European identities and behaviour. On the programme: lectures about contemporary Hungary, stereotype and prejudice in general, practical exercises in order to reflect on behaviour and train self-awareness, and of course several sessions of SYMLOG observation practice. Time for analyses and report concluded this really intensive 5-days-programme. Budapest with its impressive architecture and its very friendly people was a wonderful experience.

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“This group that we have here in this EU-CAB project is simply amazing. …
People from different countries are getting closer to each other,
uniting to be more and more Europeans.”
from Finland
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